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   WoW Cyber II
Created:1/3/07 - 7:06am
Chatters:Multiple, Chatroom
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     #chatdump - irc.randomlol.com
[fcm] i just took off my pants
[fcm] how do you feel about that
[Alexandretta] grats
[Alexandretta] a little disturbed
[fcm] wanna cyber
[Alexandretta] sure
[fcm] you start
[Alexandretta] i take off my [Silverwing Battle Tabard]
[fcm] i take off my field marshals pants and helm
[Alexandretta] rofl
[fcm] laughing is not a part of cyber, young one
[Alexandretta] sorry, i whip out my [Mechanical Yeti]
[Alexandretta] 3some now
[fcm] thats hot
[fcm] i swiftly bash you in the face with a chair
[Alexandretta] i dodge
[fcm] your quick reflexes turn me on
[fcm] i begin humping your leg like a dog
[Alexandretta] my pet humps you, and it claws dealing 200 dmg, and removing all of your armor
[Alexandretta] i dont wanna be gay or anything, but you have a tight ass and id like to grab it like i owned it
[fcm] yeah i dont wanna be gay either
[fcm] but i wanna have hot dirty sex with you right now
[Alexandretta] this convo is so over

Comments on WoW Cyber II
Wade1/4/07 - 12:01pmyou suck.

fcm1/4/07 - 3:18ammore omfg typos hlep

fcm1/4/07 - 3:18amand fcm u nazty, make me logs and you can say wether logs suck or not wade ^_^

fcm1/4/07 - 3:18am l2rage

Trag1/3/07 - 8:01pmscreen shots or it didnt happen

Wade1/3/07 - 7:38pmokay

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